The carpet industry in the United States began in 1791 when William Sprague opened the first woven carpet mill in Philadelphia. Since that time, carpet has undergone many changes in manufacturing techniques and style, but it has always maintained an overwhelming popularity in American homes due to its practicality and beauty. If you’re thinking about updating the existing carpet in your home or going with new installation, here are some benefits to consider.


Carpet sometimes gets a bad rap by some who site studies that portray it as a pollutant collector for such substances as pollen, dust, dander, dust mite droppings and more. However, if you take proper care of it and have routine professional carpet cleanings, it actually serves as a passive air filter for harmful air particles, making it a better choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.


Carpet provides actual thermal resistance, or what’s referred to as R-value. During colder seasons, it retains warm air longer, which can translate into an average energy savings of 10%.


Between family, pets and electronic devices, your home can be a noisy place. Carpet can help absorb sound. Adding a cushion pad can serve as a barrier between floors by blocking transmission to floors below. It can also mask the sound of foot traffic on stairs.


In many ways, carpet is the most comfortable floor surface. It provides an inviting place to sit and play or work. It also serves to cushion footprints and reduce slips and falls by offering superior traction. And, when falls do occur, it can minimize injuries. 


With hundreds of patterns, cuts, and colors, carpet offers you almost unlimited possibilities to customize the décor of your home.


Carpet usually requires less maintenance and cleaning over time than other flooring types. This, combined with its comparatively inexpensive purchase price, can make it more cost-effective.


New technologies have revolutionized carpet manufacturing. One major manufacturer has reported collecting 121 million pounds of worn carpet and recycling 85 percent of it into new carpet – eliminating the need to acquire raw materials. 

At Johnson Flooring, we carry top brands of carpeting such as Shaw, Mohawk, Masland and Dream Weaver. We make the process simple. Pay our friendly staff a visit, and we’ll help you choose the right carpet for your home and lifestyle. Next, we’ll obtain exact measurements of the area of installation and provide you with an accurate quote. From there, our team can move existing furniture and, if old carpeting exists, remove and dispose of it properly. Then, our team will install your new carpet using professional tools and expert craftsmanship – all with minimal disruption to your home. The final, and most important, step is… you, admiring your beautiful new carpet, courtesy of Johnson Flooring. Our work is 100% guaranteed.